— Bracelets —

BR-020 Semi precious stones and pearl braclets on woven string

BR-019 Silk cord with detachable keshi ring necklace bracelet

BR-018 Bracelet with gold baroque pearls and sterling silver chain

BR-017 Bracelet with sterling silver and baroque pearls

BR-016 South sea pearls cotton string bracelets

BR-015 Timor style silver bracelet with south sea gold pearl

BR-014 Bracelet with peranakan piece with intan sterling silver and baroque pearl

BR-013 Bracelet with large baroque pearl and sterling silver

BR-012 Copper woven bracelets from Borneo with Tahitian keshi pearls

BR-011 Bracelet with south sea pearl and sterling silver and clasp

BR-010 Bracelet with keshi pearl and sterling silver and clasp

BR-009 Bracelet with baroque south sea pearls and sterling silver chain and clasp

BR-008 Bracelet with Tahitian baroque pearl and gold plate vintage ungaro and clasp

BR-007 Bracelet with south sea pearls with amazonite and sterling silver

BR-006 Bracelet with small baroque pearls and sterling and clasp

BR-005 Bracelet with vintage Sumatran pieces with south sea pearls sterling and clasp

BR-004 Bracelet with Keshi pearls with seed pearls, sterling beads and clasp

BR-003 Bracelet with Tahitian pearl and sterling silver chains and clasp

BR-002 Bracelet with baroque pearls and larimar sterling and clasp

BR-001 Bracelet with white large keshi pearl with gold and gold plated clasp and beads

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