As with so many people born in northern latitudes, it was the long dark cold winters that first drove me to look south and eventually led to my long and close association with Bali and my adoption of this extraordinary island as my home.

After riding with cowboys in the Rockies, working the ski slopes of Jasper, sailing across the Pacific, trading in garments and antiques from Indonesia, and eventually living in Europe, I returned to Bali some 15 years ago.

My creative attention turned to jewelry design…with a very specific and passionate focus.

When I discovered Baroque South Sea, pearls, I fell in love. There is simply nothing like them.

Formed largely in the waters of the Indonesian and Philippine archipelagos, Baroque pearls act very independently as they grow, each one becoming its own random shape and sculpture, instead of forming a ‘basic round’. This version of nature’s defiance resonated with me. Not to be outdone by its own shape, each pearl’s luster, color and feel is unequaled. Each is completely unique.

To further highlight the individuality of each pearl, my signature jewelry designs often interweave old Indonesian and Chinese beads and other precious and semi-precious stones that I have collected for years. They are a natural and beautiful pairing.

I’m thrilled and honored that my jewelry is owned and treasured around the globe. And while each of these components is becoming more rare—due to the shortage of the supply of authentic old jewelry items, and for pearls, the warming and increasing pollution of the oceans—I continue to work with these special gifts every day.

All my jewelry is personally designed by me—handcrafted and created with joy and passion. I hope you enjoy the pictures. If you are interested to see more, or acquire any of these pieces, or commission  a piece of your own design, please contact me at… MALI