— Necklaces —

NK-026 Necklace with Sulawesi gold beads, 18kt Italian chain and gold baroque pearls with 18kt wire

NK-025 Long necklace with aqua marine toraga gold plate beads with sterling silver links and beads south sea pearls

NK-024 Long necklace with south sea pearls with sterling silver and gold plate toraga beads

NK-023 Long necklace of jade with Sumatran antique beads, pyrite and south sea pearls with detachable pendant of same

NK-022 Long necklace with Ethiopian antique agate, beads silver, Sumatran beads and south sea pearls

NK-021 Necklace with amber gold plate and Sulawesi beads and south sea pearls

NK-020 Long Necklace with sterling silver chain lariat style, Timor earring decoration with south sea pearl

NK-019 Necklace with detachable pendant phrenite, south sea pearl, antique Javanese intan deco with sterling silver chain

NK-018 Necklace with Sumba antique mesh and detachable sterling and keshi pearl ring

NK-017 Necklace with brass mesh antique Sumba with detachable pendant south sea pearl. Fluorite and antique copper and silver and semi precious stone antique belt part

NK-016 Necklace with vintage Sumatran piece pendant with sterling chain and rock crystal, keshi and baroque pearls

NK-015 Necklace with south sea and keshi pearls on gold plated Javanese vintage piece and oxidized vintage chain

NK-014 Heart shaped south sea pearl necklace with 18kt pendant and 14kt vintage chain

NK-013 Necklace with baroque chili pepper pearl pendant and sterling silver, sterling chain with pearl clasp

NK-012 South sea baroque pearls and joined pearls, dangling keshis, vintage beads and chain and clasp bib necklace

NK-011 Keshi and baroque pearls necklace with peranakan piece with intan, seed pearls, vintage gold plate, sterling silver and clasp

NK-010 Necklaces with authentic antique Indonesian decorative pieces

NK-009 Long necklaces with baroque pearls and zambian citrine

NK-008 Long necklace with baroque silver blue pearls, goldplate toraga, vintage beads, kyante and 18kt clasp

NK-007 Long necklace with large Tahitian baroque pearl

NK-006 Long Necklaces with Tahitian keshi and baroque pearls, kyanite, amethyst, labradorite gold and gold plated pearls

NK-005 Baroque and south sea pearls necklace

NK-004 Long necklaces with large baroque pearls with sterling silver chain and antique silver beads

NK-003 Long necklaces with moonstones, aquamarines, south sea pearls, gold plated beads, sterling chain, aquamarine and sterling clasp

NK-002 Necklaces with baroque pearls and vintage Sumatran silver wedding necklace ornaments, sterling chain, gold plated and vintage beads

NK-001 Divine necklaces with white baroque pearls, chrysoprase, gold plate Sumatran beads

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