— Pendants+Brooches —

PD-017 Pendant fluorite antique Javanese decoration sterling silver and south sea pearls on Chinese woven string

CZ-07 Madonnas, Natural keshi with authentic antique Indonesian jewellery pieces

CZ-06 Cat, Bunny, Dragon and Goofy Guy Pendants, sterling silver

CZ-05 Bunny, Dog, Birds, Mouse and Fat Cat Pendants, baroque pearls and sterling silver

CZ-04 Balinese tiger pearl pendant sterling silver

CZ-03 Bunny, baroque pearl sterling silver pendant

CZ-02 Goofy Clown, pearl and sterling pendant and chain

CZ-01 Dragon, South sea baroque pearl with sterling silver

PD-016 Vintage kebaya brooches in goldplate with Tahitian keshi pearls

PD-015 Brooch with keshi pearls, vintage silver Javanese decoration on sterling silver

PD-014 Brooch with blue silver baroque pearl and vintage perankan intan decoration


PD-012 Brooch. Divine vintage Sumatran brooch with tiny keshi pearls and zambian citrine

PD-011 Vintage Sumatran Pendant in original goldplating with large baroque pearl

PD-010 Vintage intan piece, fluorite stone and baroque pearl and sterling silver

PD-009 Pendant with keshi pearl with ruby and intan pernakan ornament and Indonesian opal stone and sterling silver

PD-008 South sea baroque pearl pendant with peranakan piece, phrenite stone and sterling silver

PD-007 Baroque pearl with perankan ruby intan combined with rough phrenite pendant and sterling silver

PD-006 Carved jade pendant and perankan piece with ruby and intan south sea pearl

PD-005 Beautiful baroque pearl pendant with intan inlaid, vintage pernakan pieces and chain

PD-004 Baroque pearl pendant with Sumatran wedding box ornament

PD-003 Pearl enhancer pendant of vintage Sumatran gold plated hair pin piece with intan and baroque pearls

PD-002 Pendant. Baroque and keshi pearls with gold Sulawesi bead and ancient cornelian agate pendant with18kt

PD-001 Clustered pearl pendant with 18kt gold wire wrapping and screw clasp

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