Pearls became a fascination and an important symbol for me during an extended time of difficult challenges. I realized that the mollusk which I considered mindless was actually much smarter than myself!!! It managed to turn an irritation from a major stress into a gem a jewel! Such a life lesson!!! The baroque pearl which is my favorite is perfect in its imperfection.Lite that shines and reflects from the lustre of pearls and pearlessence itself has an important factor in healing.

I have loved and collected vintage Indonesian jewellery for decades, the combination of them with the baroque pearls enhances the pieces and the pieces enhance the pearls.

Each piece of jewellery is unique and one of a kind and designed with the intention to make enhance and create beauty on many levels. All of the jewellery in Malipearls is hand made in Bali with love and care.

I love pearls and cannot pass a day without wearing them. They bring lite and shine from within. Love your pearls and care for them and they will glow forever.

I am Canadian, Mali